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Hello, and welcome to Mystic Moon Yorkies home on the web.  The Yorkieviews.com Yorkshire terriers are located in Northwest Indiana, right on the tip of Lake Michigan.  We live on 5 acres with plenty of room for the yorkies run and play, and chase those terrible ground squirrels that keep popping up all over the place.  Besides our yorkies, we have 3 cats that are either strays that were found, or from the animal shelter.  Yorkies and cats can co-exist in the same house, and they can even get along together. Here on yorkieviews.com you can find information on yorkshire terrier health issues, and characteristics.  The information here can apply to any toy dog breed.

Yorkies in my Life

The Yorkshire Terrier has become a very popular pet today, they are just the right size for apartment dwellers, and great in homes because they can get plenty of exercise in the house.  They can be trained to use dog litter boxes, or trained to use pee pads. 

Yorkies became part of our lives in 1998, when we got our first 2 yorkie pets.  They are the ones that got us thinking about showing, and then we got Misty, who was definitely a nice specimen of Yorkshire Terrier standard.  With her we entered into the world of showing yorkies, along with having them as pets.  We have become addicted to them, and not only show them but also occasionally breed, and raise them.  They have definitely changed our life in the most enjoyable way.

Yorkies make wonderful pets, but, they are not for everyone.  They are loyal, lovable, cute, cuddly, and their antics will keep you laughing.  Although they are a toy dog, they are in all aspects true terriers, and they are very curious, intelligent, and brave.  Yorkshire Terriers were bred to hunt vermin, and they will see any rodent as something they should hunt and kill.  They are quick, agile, tenacious and stubborn, and they will dart out an open door before you can stop them. They are very active, and always ready to do something or go somewhere.  They also seem to love a challenge.  Many pets have learned to climb over the highest gates that people put in the home to keep them confined in one room.

They high maintenance dogs if you want to keep their hair long and flowing.  Many pet owners have their pets groomed into a schnauzer cut, or a puppy cut so that the grooming time is next to nothing.  Also, they are not very good pets for households with small children.  Small children tend to be rough with pets, even though they don't mean to, so a small dog is in danger of being hurt, or even killed, unintentionally. 

I hope that this site will help people learn about Yorkshire Terriers.  About owning them, their health problems and their history.  I hear many people complain about problems with their puppies health, most of the time it is because they have been taken away from their birth home too young.  People will tell you that they got their puppy when it was 6 or 7 weeks old.  My pups are still with mom at that age and they are still being socialized.   Yorkies, or any toy dog, should not be sold before they are at least 12 weeks, and if it is a tiny yorkie, maybe longer. 



Yorkies are not my whole life,

Yorkies make my life whole.


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